Around International Film Festival is an Independent annual event with four major live screenings for all Feature, Documentary, Short, Commercial, Music Video, Animations, Student Films, TV, Series and New Media as an IMDb Award Listing Qualifier.

Monthly Official Selections & Yearly 4 International Screenings
Monthly Festival’s library has some very remarkable award winning films from all Around the world. Your film will be viewed by the international community and will be judged by the final jury of film professionals. Filmmakers competing in festivals can submit their films online and have to share the official trailer, teaser or at least behind the scenes video. Judges and the international community will award the best films through private screenings to make the overall yearly selection.
All selected participants will get our “Official Selection” and all the winners “Official Winner Laurel” every month. Each year we select Best Of The Bests to Screen on our Annual Festival in Berlin // Amsterdam // Paris // Barcelona
Best of the Best Winners will be awarded by the ARFF International Certificate
at the Annual Award Ceremony at Berlin.
Besides the monthly and yearly curated awards of Around International Film Festival, we also present the associated awards for the exclusive winners, such as Inktip Prize Package, ECU International Mention by reference and welcoming our filmmakers at Berlinale & European Film Market regarding our participation every year as Around Films.


ARFF International

Goal of Around Film Festival is to provide homes to group of film enthusiasts who are committed in creating spaces for film industry and devoted to spreading the knowledge of the modern visual art for filmmakers to present it all in one single platform. 

All editions of ARFF International such as ARFF Berlin, ARFF Amsterdam, ARFF Paris and ARFF Barcelona are directed by Onur Yayla aka Onno Mara with the guidance of Around Films.

Christophe Karabache

June 2018
A competition of excellent standard. Great communication. High quality selections. I recommend it!

Bettina Kee

May 2018
Great festival! I warmly recommend to anyone! XXX

Agustina Caldirola

Director - March 2018
Extremely grateful for being part of this festival. It is my first experience with a personal short film and I appreciate that you value independent work. Great festival

Joaquim Haickel

March 2018
It was a great pleasure to participate in this importantre and prestigious festival!

Hugo Pinto

March 2018
Great Festival. Glad to be part of the fun.

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May 2019 Award Board

  • BEST DIRECTOR :  Garbanotas – Titas S?džius (LT)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY : Steady Heart – Gino Ceriachi  (IT)
  • BEST SHORT FILM : Flour – Joanna Nelson (VE)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Revenge – Daniele Paglia (IT)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARD : Finite Water – Zachary Thomson & Dianne Wennick (US)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARD :  The Role Of A Lifetime – Marc Saez (FR)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Studio – Jer Sklar (US)
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO : I might – Michal Liszcz (PL)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Deep Breath – Teri Lee (KR)
  • BEST ANIMATION : Aripi – Dmitri Voloshin (MD)
  • BEST TRAILER : The Happy Accident – Paloma Suau (PR)
Around International – Barcelona
May 2019 Selection
  • BEST DIRECTOR :  See you tomorrow – Pauline Mabille (FR)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY : 40 Weeks in Cinecitta – Francois Larosa (US)
  • BEST SHORT FILM : Oh, Brother – Laurin Gausch (AT)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Remnants – Guy Staley / dir: Kit Wilson (US)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARD :  On Clowns & The Mysterious Keys of Laughter – Johnny Tron (US)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARDS : Healing – Louis Courtemanche (CA)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : You’re Going to Ruin his life – Lauren James (US)
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO : Tokyo Nostalgie – Hiroshige Goto (JP)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Three is a Lot – Diego De Vidts & Tyler Marlowe (US)
  • BEST ANIMATION : Dead bodies below the floor – Andreas Tschiedel (DE)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTION : It’s Night – John Long (US)
  • BEST TRAILER : Afaf – Layan Adham Ismail (EG)
Around International – Paris
May 2019 Selection
  • BEST FEATURE FILM : Lost at desert – Sila Agavale (US)
  • BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY : The Minds of Men – Melissa & Aaron &Dykes
  • BEST SHORT FILM : The People Are The Brand – Adrian Perez (CH)
  • BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY : Barefoot: A week of sport and culture – Andre Harris (DE – JM)
  • BEST DIRECTOR : Black Shore – Jon Park & Grant White (UK)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY :  I Can – Urozhaeva Ivetta
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARDS :   Keep the Fire Lit – Fox Redsky (US) & Tacit Blue – Wenkai Duan (CN)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARD :  Albelo Jaipur – Chandan Singh (IN)
  • BEST STUDENT FILMS : Ambivalence – Olivia Peters (CA)
Around International – Berlin
May 2019 Selection
  • BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY : Inviolable – The Fight for Human Rights – Angela Andersen (US)
  • BEST SHORT FILM : MIRACLE – Dimitar Stoyanov (UK)
  • BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY : Darshan – Blessings of Saints (IN)
  • BEST DIRECTOR : Nucleus – Tobias Bieseke (DE)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : April-Tokyo / Kent Yeung (HK)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARD :  OdeToSay – Aleksandra Zdziech (UA)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARD : Six Figures No Suits – Aaron Wright (US – CA)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Things I Have Seen in My Dreams – Joao Pedro Oliveira  (PT)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Cosmos Express – Mocong Yuan (US)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTION : The Safe House – Zak Mir (BD)
  • BEST TRAILER : The Perfect Gangster – Andy Deliana (US)
Around International – Amsterdam
May 2019 Selection