Around International Film Festival is an Independent annual gathering with four major editions to present all Feature Films, Documentaries, Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos, Animations, Student Films, TV-Series, New Media, Fashion Films * Photography, and Audible Creations as an IMDb Award Listing Qualifier.

Monthly Official Selections & Annual Awards
The monthly Festival’s library has very remarkable award-winning films from all Around the world. Your film will be evaluated by the international community and will be judged by the final jury of film professionals. Filmmakers competing in festivals can submit their films online and have to share the official trailer & teaser. Judges and the international community will award the best films through private screenings to make the overall yearly selection for the Annual Awards. All the Nominated creations have a chance to be announced as a Semi-Finalist, Finalist, Honorable Mention, and Winner.
All selected participants will get our “Official Selection” every month and all the Winner’s “Official Winner Laurel”. In each Edition, The Festival Screen or Stream the nominee creation for the Annual Award Events (Online&Offline). Also showcasing the Nominees with the collaboration of WSXA International via Barcelona // Paris // Amsterdam // Berlin in order.
Best of the Best Winners will be awarded by the ARFF International Certificates at the Annual Award Ceremony.

Besides the monthly and yearly curated awards of Around International Film Festival, we also present the associated awards for the exclusive winners, such as Fest Regards Mention, InkTip Prize Package, ECU International Mention by reference, and collaborate with our filmmakers at various Film Markets regarding our participation every year.

ARFF International -


Goal of Around Film Festival is to provide homes to group of film enthusiasts who are committed in creating spaces for film industry and devoted to spreading the knowledge of the modern visual art for filmmakers to present it all in one single platform. All editions of ARFF International are organized by Mercana Turizm.

This is great festival for International artist from around the world.

Elia Sadeqi

April 2022
Well organised and reputation well-earned. It´s been nice being represented by a festival that takes it´s operations seriously and respects the labours of it´s filmmakers.

Dan Tonkin

March 2022

Thank you for selecting my project. I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing festival. I am definitely entering my future projects.

Maria Brenda

April 2021
This is one of the best festivals around

Francisco Palacios Reyes

April 2021
Great festival, high quality films and wonderful team! We are honored to be among the finalists!

Toma Enache

April 2020
It was an honor to have my and my team’s film accepted into the ARFF International Film Festival and Awards. I highly recommend this festival.

Derrick Johnson

March 2020
Happy to get review for ARFF Barcelona where our short GAB get an award. Good communication and highly recommend ARFF Barcelona for filmmakers and producers. All the best & cheers !

Gazanfer BIRICIK

March 2019
Just amazing.. eager to participate with my next film

Nasser Aldhaheri

February 2019
A competition of excellent standard. Great communication. High quality selections. I recommend it!

Christophe Karabache

June 2018
Great festival! I warmly recommend to anyone! XXX

Bettina Kee

May 2018
Extremely grateful for being part of this festival. It is my first experience with a personal short film and I appreciate that you value independent work. Great festival

Agustina Caldirola

Director - March 2018
It was a great pleasure to participate in this importantre and prestigious festival!

Joaquim Haickel

March 2018
Great Festival. Glad to be part of the fun.

Hugo Pinto

March 2018

July 2019 Award Board

  • BEST DIRECTOR : Open Water – Danny McDougall (UK – GL)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY : Cocktail Bar – Stefano Landini & Toni Lama (IT)
  • BEST SHORT FILM : Sui Caedere – Fabrizio Accettulli (IT)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Shibil – Nikola Bozadzhiev / dir: Nikola Bozadzhiev (BG)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARD : Partir ? – Mary-Noël NIBA (FR -CM)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARDS :  Nice Shoes – Jonathan Lawrence (US) // 45 Days to Be Rich – Hani Bay (US)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Consent – Niz Fernandez (PH)
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO : Hope – Aurélien Achache (FR)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Guilty – Archibald Benhamou (US)
  • BEST ANIMATION : The Shadow of the Sun – Ido Hartmann (IL)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTIONS : How Far – David Tayar (US-FR) // No Ghosts – Ragnar Snorrason (IS)
  • BEST TRAILER : Tapferkeit – Joseph Quinn (US)
Around International – Barcelona
December 2019 Selection
  • BEST DIRECTOR : In Brighton – Riccardo Bernasconi & Francesca Reverdito (CH)
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY : The Long Ride Home – Steve Haining (CA)
  • BEST SHORT FILM :  THE STORY OF A SON – Victor Kaufmann (DK)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Highland Home – John Waller / dir: Dan Schaefer (US)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARDS : The Last Oil – Kyrre Lien & Ingerid Salvesen (US-NG-NO)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARDS : FAIRE ~ Laisse Lucifer – Lucie Bourdeu (FR) // Minotaur ~ Black Vulpine – Natalie Plaskura (DE)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Metamorphosis – Charles-Edouard Dangelser & Grégoire Vaillant (FR)
  • BEST MUSIC VIDEO : Because Of You – Umut Evirgen  (TR)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Fata Morgana – Angelina Komarova (FR)
  • BEST ANIMATION : INFORG – Paul Schenk (NL)
  • ARFF STAFF PICKS : Copying Pulp Fiction – Haomin Liu (CN)  // Antique – Ross Berkeley Simpson (UK)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTIONS :  Thoughts on Self Love – Romee van der Schoot (NL) // Cathartique – Dusan Mrden (UK-FR)
Around International – Paris
December 2019 Selection
  • BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY : Eyes Nicely Open – Edwin Watters and the Economy of Merit – Elizabeth Colunga (US)
  • BEST SHORT FILM : Lucienne – Aurélie Cardin (FR)
  • BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY : Bringing Home the Blubber – Molly Adams (UK – GL)
  • BEST DIRECTOR : The little Mermaid – Manon Amacouty  (FR)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : The Twelve Thousand – Stefan Berrill / dir: Eric Davis (CA – NP)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARD : Tuva youngster-Yong Deng – Zhang Xiquan (CN)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Considerations of a woman with the “d” in a smaller letter – Marco Cucurnia (FR – IT)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Gorilla in the Washing Machine – Huei Jen, Hung  (TW – EE)
  • ARFF STAFF PICK : Dravemont – Adnane Tragha (FR)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTION : Bloom, The Return – Sekou Luke (US)
  • BEST TRAILER : ONE MORE WIN – Amy Lerner & Richard Heeley (US)
Around International – Berlin
December 2019 Selection
  • BEST SHORT FILM : Blue – Lina Suh (US)
  • BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY : The consolation of the blue – Joe Zhao (NL)
  • BEST DIRECTOR : The Seacrets – Philippe Azoulay Siritzky (FR – CU)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Nothing Special – Jean Thomas Miquelot / dir: Martin Zarka (FR-DE)
  • ARFF GLOBE AWARDS : A Low Carbon Future for China’s Furnace Cities – Monika Koeck (UK)
  • ARFF AUDIENCE AWARDS : No name in the end credits – Simone Amendola (IT)
  • BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM : Alder – Vanda Ladeira (UK)
  • BEST STUDENT FILM : Bonne Conduite – Théo Semeteys (FR)
  • ARFF STAFF PICK : Voices of Bosnia between dreams of unity and disenchantment.  – Aude Labrosse (FR – BA)
  • ARFF INTERNATIONAL MENTION: Mom? – Francisco Palacios Reyes (CL)
Around International – Amsterdam
December 2019 Selection

Award Boards