Carolina Rath - Tamora Imperatrix
Sena Tunali - She is Mine
Leslie Askew - Analog Man
Emilija Riviere - Möbius Bond
Qia Li - Chubby Café
Nico Gühlstorf - Nachtgleiter
Miguel Ángel Rodriguez - Guatemala 1982
Ernani Nunes - Injuria
Mara Cracaleanu - Mirrorcide
John Say - Sanitas Pacifica
Kelly Sarri - Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport
P. Tebrunsvelt - De magie van 100 jaar Noordkade
Cem Ünsal - The Verge
Irmak Sueri Cora - Aircooled | Band of Beetles
Sahar Homami - Simple Rotation
Jared Januschka - Shooting in Vain
Alexandre Peneau - OSSAU
Michael Driscoll - Two Black Coffees
Marc Göbel - Nina
David Daniel Sentosa - Dark Matters
Jud Daniela - Luisa
Maximilian Martin - Wölfe
Oumar Almahmoud Maiga - Regret
Diana Cignoni - Blood Wolf
Sasawat Loesrit - LAD
Almuhannad Alkadam - Lost Thekra
Sam Williamson - Burying Mitchell
Simon Werdmüller von Elgg - Lemons
Anduo Lucia - Ossip
Yi Feng Chang - Farewell to the Ark
Firat Demir - Mite
Roman Villevoye - Void
Naida Joanides - Katia
Trent Hedayati & Sylvia Stankowski - Desire
Pierre & Max - The Trick
Nigel Mulligan - Dust
Jasper van de Pol - Nightshift
Bishara Shoukry - A Leaf
Razan Hassan - Before I Forget
Antoine Marc - Remains
Clea van der Grijn - Jump
Jesse Ung - Grind
Trei Hill - Federation Temple
Christopher Kojzar - A Walk with Magritte
Popkhadze Akaki - I SEE
Mirko Witzki - Catching Glimpse
Jean-Paul Frenay - The Fool You Need
Riz Wadan - Characters
Kulbir Singh - After Adeena
Manuel Paz Ochoa - Salvador
Joanna Nelson - Velvet Dreamland
Si Jiang - One Day
Hayden de Maisoneuve Yates - A Force in Nature
Virginia Bach - Fhin-Around Away
Mathieu Mullier-Griffiths - Golden Boy
Semoulin Mehdi - Feeling Low
Akihiko Matsuzawa - Shred
Frederick Bernas - Ballet and Bullets: Dancing Out of the Favela
Alexander Paspa - Malefica
Alessio De Nicola - The Hemingway Shot
Yanis Josephine - Sev & The City
Benn Jae - The Hunted
J.S.Mayank - Someday
Henriett Tunyogi - NightSong
Lane Forbes - Chances Equality
Dimitri Kwenda - Intimate War
Michael Vaynberg - 9.8 m/s²
Ran Ben Simon - #RELATABLE
Elenore Pan - Thymes
Myles Pollard - Paynes Find
Stuart Douglas - The Back of The House
Alex mastoon - Word is Bound
Claus Vega - The Hunter
Shida Ciao - P3ACE
Joanna Krochmalska - Division
Ting Hang Yip - Theory of Evolution
Platon Antoniou - My Body is Not A Weapon
Azar Tajalli - The Sounds Beyond Silence
Benjamin Nicolas - WANDA
Maria Laura Moraci - EYES
Guillermo Osorto - Animales de Cristal
Elena Horgan - Skin Hunger
Emanuel Altenburger - Chamber Music Wonderland
Manuela Berlanga - Ana
Pedro Zamalloa - Getaway
Chase Langley - MUTT and CHOPPS
Yvann Yagchi - The End of my Time
Morten Sangpo Borik - Kancha Sherpa
Eliya Akbas - Non-Again
Marcelo Presotto - 2
Stephane Benini - Lowrider Brasil
Mike Baran - Holy Spirit
Anuj Rawra - Doorbeen

With the inspiration of the World Record Nominated Film ‘’Astrall Story’’

by Around Films, ARFF & WSXA International

Awarded filmmakers are gathering with

The Unification Program again to enhance the Collective Consciousness for

‘’ Sustainable Filmmaking ‘’

Hundreds of Filmmakers from 7 continents collaborated to envision

The Dreams of Visually Handicapped Individuals.

Now it’s time to move forward.

With the consultancy of ARFF Visionaries Board & WSXA

Resident Filmmakers, Finalist & Winner Filmmakers will

Recycle the awarded films as social responsibility projects.


Feel free to email us with your birth date and the link of your

Awarded creation in any media >> Feel Free To Contact Us

You’ll receive the details about the unique process to be

Associated with the Festival Program according to your

Zodiac Sign Element.

Till then, feel free to click the 4 elements right next to the

Unified World Globe to experience the journey.


Download (300 Dpi – A4)



Astrall Donation // Co.Producer IMDb Credit + Distribution Rights + ARFF Visioners Engagement:

All the Contracted Co-Producers will be credited on IMDb and will have the shared distribution rights to spread the “Astrall Story” all Around the World. Co-producer title is limited by the list of regions.

As Around Films we provide various type of rights for each Co-producer to expand our family through the 7 continents. It’s possible to make multiple funding in the same or different regions to have priority rights.

All the co-producers will be mentioned on our website upon the ARFF Visioners list to involve in ARFF International Producers Hub.

Astrall Donation // Associate Producer IMDb Credit + Script Consulting with Filmmakers:

Be the first to manage the scriptwriting process. All contracted Associate Producers will be credited on IMDb and will receive the scripts from the directors to consultant with the board for enhancing “Astrall Story” as the most unique work ever.

After successful funding, Winner filmmakers will be writing their short narratives to film their sections. Associate Producers will be receiving the scripts to review to create their individual report for the related filmmakers. Received reports from each Associate Producers will also be the guidance for the overall post production process.