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Filmmaker Spotlight // Kris Krainock – Around Films

Filmmaker Spotlight // Kris Krainock

Kris Krainock

  Kris Krainock is an American writer and filmmaker, beginning his professional career with the publication of poetry and short stories in local and national literary journals. This culminated in the release of his first collection of poetry, ‘Criticisms, Witticisms & More’ in 2007 at the age of seventeen. After several amateur film efforts, Krainock wrote and directed the film that would prove to be his most successful venture to date; 2012’s ‘God of the Machine,’ which would go on to be selected to close The LA Shorts Fest as well as win the Viff! Indie Film Festival for Best Nevada Short Film. His most recent project, “Bizzarro e Fantastico,” explores life and death through trademark erudite philosophizing and pitch-black humor. Written, directed, and filmed entirely by Krainock on location in Paris and Rome, Krainock’s DIY approach is unique for someone in his position, considering he is also developing a television series poised for major streaming platforms, and working on a feature film project with the estate of his hero, Stanley Kubrick. However, Krainock says, “I don’t want to be the next Kubrick, I just hope to be the first Kris Krainock.”

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