Filmmaker Spotlight // Tony Villani

Tony Villani

“Making movies is a journey of self-discovery through identification with the characters and their stories and more importantly the engendering of a synergy between the filmmaker, the subject and the audience.” -Tony Villiani Tony Villani is an award winning independent filmmaker active in both the U.S. and Europe Besides SOLDIERS, Six Stories, Six Wars (2021) his credits include international festival winners SHINDLER’S WAR (2018), SUSAN & THOMAS (2017), ROMAN KOSHER (2014-19), and A Ticket to Hollywood, Europeans in Los Angeles, 1925-56: Prologue (2013-19). His other credits as story & script consultant, writer, and producer/director include documentaries on South Africa, the AIDS crisis, the Los Angeles’ Black community in 1920-50, and a series on all time Hollywood greats Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Capra is distributed by the A&E channel as part of their “Biography” series. His project , Dreamcatchers, Costume Design for Film (2013) on Special Oscar recipient, costume designer Piero Tosi is in the collection of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. He has also worked in project development, and as associate producer and production manager on a number of non fiction films. He has acted in several pictures and has taught film in various U.S. and European colleges and universities. He has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, The Guardian, the BBC.His current project to be released in 2023 is BlackAngelCity, Stories from Black LA.His film company, Californialand Pictures Filmworks is based in Los Angeles.

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