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By the contribution of all of us – 44 Around International Film Festival Winners from around the world will be inspired by the 4 elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth to prove that our existence on Planet Earth is connected by Collective Consciousness. If you are a creative mind, feel free to donate your Consciousness to justify the significance of the existential part of the 4 Elements in our lives. As everyone already feels inside, we are looking for the face of Mother Earth to unify the humankind with one realm. Selected 44 Filmmakers, will also select the face of Mother Earthto emphasize the equality of evolution in the endless circulation of Creativity. Thus, you can take an active part in the ”Astrall Story” as
  • Filmmaker
  • an Actor & Actress by sharing your photo / story @astrallstory with the Astrall Face
  • an Associate or Co-Producer to lead the project where it has to be guided professionally.
  Astrall Story // Feature Film >> Join Us Today from ARFF INTERNATIONAL on Vimeo.  

How the multi-director Astrall Story works?

The Finalists of the 4 Around International Film Festival Editions (ARFF Barcelona, ARFF Paris, ARFF Amsterdam and ARFF Berlin) are nominated as potential Filmmakers of the Astrallstory. The biggest challenge was to gather our filmmakers on one platform, which is the proof of our estimated success. Nominees have already uploaded their trailers on the Around Films Website, marked on the globe with the element according to their birth month and his/her current location. You as a backers can convince yourself of the quality of the upcoming feature film by watching the trailers from all around the world.  It’s also a Case Study to experience, if the same element directors have the tendency to make similar genre films. The finalist filmmakers of the Astrallstory will be announced at the ARFF Berlin Award Ceremony through film industry professionals on 8th June 2019 in Berlin – join us. After the Event each filmmaker will write and direct his/her own segment of the movie in his/her country – by getting inspired through generated content captured via Instagram by public users. Selected Instagram stories will create the narrative for 44 filmmakers. The expected result will be a blend of different cultural, astrological and scientific impacts by exploring a new film language. Astrall Story will be produced in 2019 and distributed worldwide in 2020. Last but not least, ARFF International Filmmakers have to face another exciting challenge by following the rules drawn up by Dogme 95, a filmmaking manifesto started in 1995 by the Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, thus creating the Dogme 2020movement altogether.

What You Get

What you see is what you’ll get:
  • We have curated 7 Perks by drenching it with Mythology, called:HERMES, TYCHE, APHRODITE, APOLLO, POSEIDON, DIONYSUS and ARTEMIS. You can find the details below each perk to fund us by heart.
  • We have been inspired by the Astronomy and Esoterism by all the wisdom of accumulated knowledge through our submitters iwithin 6 years… Now it’s our time to inspire our global 44 filmmakers by the contribution of your existence with the keywords that you’ll be sharing on your Instagram content.

What We Need

  • We’ll be gathering the funds of 56K by considering our expenses such as the Equipment, Pre-Production, PR&Marketing, screening spaces, legal services also the estimated costs of our Production&Post-production with 44 filmmakers. Furthermore, the Astrall Story screenings in several countries will be another deal for us to enhance awareness of primal elements.
  • Marketing & Social Media: we are committed to our community both at home and abroad. We need your help to spread the vision of ASTRALL STORY around the globe!
  • Retain legal services: Legal representation and copyrights are important to protect our work and our artists.
  • Production + Post Production: This pays for the after we film ”Astrall Story” with months of editing, sound design, music and all the key essentials we all know. The last price tag is VFX, it’s gathered footage of 44 films, there will be a some CGI/Visual Effects applied. It ain’t cheap, but we also trust in our global network.
DONATE. Choose a perk, or donate any amount by clicking the “Back It” button with the amount you wish to contribute. Get your TICKET  for the first screening of “Astrall Story” – played on the big screen on January 8th, 2020. INVEST. Those who wish to invest  €2.500 can become equity shareholders in the ”Astrall Story” as long as you qualify as a friend, family, or an accredited investor. COME TO OUR EVENTS. We curate major screenings every year and a few awesome Network events. As a contributor, you have a chance to attend for the ARFF Berlin Award Event by getting your ticket with funding by heart. SPREAD THE WORD. Even if you are unable to donate or invest, you can help by sharing widely this campaign on social media and through personal contacts.

The Impact

  • When we compare with the existence of our universe; with the planet earth, even with a single tree, we are just sparkles in the entire system who just considers that the humankind is the most significant existence and maybe we are. Unless we figure out that we are the light source, we are the lens and we have enough storage up there. Therefore, the only thing we need, the New Vision.
  • From Lumière Brothers to Warner Bros, we have examined all the film languages and we believe that it’s always possible to make an Innovation. New Vision, will be the brand new visual language through the numerous lenses from all Around the World.  Regarding our experience of years in film production and programming, we had the awareness of an innovative way of filmmaking altogether by respecting on the conservative ways. Thus, we will be enhancing the new vision with the guidance of our Associate & Co-Producers.
Let’s make some noise today and receive the standing ovation together as ARFF International Network Member
  • Feel free to share our campaign to make some awareness to narrate a bright future and to enhance Around International Film Festival altogether with associated projects.


Created according to Lunar Calendar 2019 – New&Full Moon Days   Bases On a True Story // ARFF International  Around Film Festival Promo Videos are made proudly with the ARFF International Network Members. It’s possible to check the full info & credits on Vimeo Page: https://vimeo.com/334091278

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