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AKIYO // Up Next Trailer – Around Films

AKIYO // Up Next Trailer

AKIYO – Up Next // Feature Film (75”) imdb.com/title/tt4833722/

Casting callback day with 7 people auditioning for a part. In a room with three camcorders, a panel of three judges guide the audition with 13 unconventional questions for the participants to interpret. Rest of the movie shows the preparation of the actors for the callback session and their reactions after the fact. The actors choose the setting of their rehearsals, indoor or outdoor depending on their interpretation of the questions being asked. During the rehearsals and the callback day, the narrative was created as an improvised fiction with simultaneous voiceovers and the corresponding use of axis shift around the locations. The casting audition concept should also be comprehended as a behavioral observation. Such as, when the participants were asked’”Do you believe in miracles?”, many elicited similar gestures such as raising their arms on both sides. Through the various musical snippets and improvisation, the film represents the circularity of creation. The movie was recorded in Berlin (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), and Istanbul (Turkey). Dedicated To Every-none – The questions asked: * How often do you google yourself? * Imagine that you are invisible on a street with a candle in your hand. * Do you believe in miracles? If you do, prove it. If you don’t, let it happen. * How long can you improvise about time travel? * Consider the statement – we are made up of both soul & body. Can you represent this through movement? * What’s the most recent book you’ve read? Can you share an excerpt from the book giving the author’s name at the end? * Pretend that you are trying to demolish an imaginary wall. * Can you act out the experience of being in a falling plane? * Pretend you are in an experiment where monkeys are ruling the universe. * Can you describe your ego, super ego and alter ego just using one sound for each? * Assume that the war movie industry is confidentially supported by gun manufacturers. Using this information can you act for us, the best dying scene from your best war movie. *Pretend that you are threatening someone by pointing an imaginary gun. *What would you worry about, if you had never heard the phrase ”What if”? © Copyright 2015

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