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Astrall Story // Feature Film – Teaser – Around Films

Astrall Story // Feature Film – Teaser

” Astrall Story ” is an international Feature Film project that nominated to break the World Record for “Most Directors of a Film”. 44 filmmakers from all around the world will be creating together a feature film to prove that we are all connected by the nature of Mother Earth with Collective Consciousness. Around Films unites award winner filmmakers from all around the world to create the #Astrallstory by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com starting on May 8th till June 21st 2019 (for 44 days ). The multi-director, feature film will be produced in 2019 and will be distributed worldwide in 2020 with the contribution of the selected associate and co-producers, literally from all around the world. For more information: festivalreviews.org/2019/04/18/around-films-will-break-the-world-record-with-astrallstory/ aroundfilms.com/astrallstory/ instagram.com/astrallstory/ Cast // Natasha Vincenza Lolita Va Voom Timo Jacobs Mark Vindsor Lavinia Bal Katja Sallay Scott Grabell Director & Producer // Onno Mara Director of Photography by // Frank Schwaiger Art Director // Reelika Ramot Editor & Visual Fx // Emre Küçükosman Prod. Coordinator // Federico Gerarto 1st AD // Maria M.Burghi Storyboard: Eren Eryürekli Make up Artist // Samantha Pottmaier 1st AC // Alejandro Mancera Gaffer // Paul Näther Electrician // Robbert de Konning Spark Aline // Juarez Contreras Runner: Mariana Ungaretti Conceptualized by Onur Yayla Original Track: Mind Shifter – Lost Memories Thanx to: Dimitri Haller, Marielle Sjømo Samstad, Sheila Covington, Wilhemna Haffner Augusta Kinnear Leandora Prato, Virginia Holmes, Terry Kandice, Silva Freuen, Courtney Ingram , Nila Delgadillo , Gerard Gehlert, Diana Baine. ARFF // Around International Film Festival instagram.com/aroundfilms/ filmfreeway.com/festival/AroundFilmFestival facebook.com/AroundInternationalFilmFestival All Rights Reserved by Around Films© 2019

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