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What do you think the feature film “Astrall Story” will be about?

Out of Body experience  

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?  

In 1968, my parents took me to my first movie. It was Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001”. I   was mesmerized. The visual and story was visionary! It inspired me to say the least.  

Which stage of the filmmaking process do you enjoy the most?

Directing, coordinating all facets of the production. It coming together and putting it on film, is euphoric for me.  

Regarding your experience, can you give 3 keywords that ARFF International provides to the filmmakers?

Inspires … Opportunity…..&  Motivates  

What is your approach to Dogme 95 and what how do you feel about creating Dogme 2020 manifesto?

Traditional French style…rules…I came close in Cannes France. Called “Disloyal”.  

Which equipment do you prefer to film with? 

I utilize the Blackmagic Cinematic Camera 4k, and the Canon 7D.  

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